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On Thursday 8th September Lidl introduced their brand new 100% cotton baby range. There is so many beautiful items in this range, and I absolutely love it. The entire baby collection contains over 40 pieces of clothing, and accessories from a bed rail to toys but this post will focus on their organic cotton clothing.

Here are my top ten reasons for loving this clothing range:

  • Children don’t stop growing, and buying more new clothes can be super expensive.
    I’m pretty sure that every time I blink, my daughter has grown again. When I began sorting through some of her first clothing to get it ready for Baby L, I realised how much of it looked like it had never been worn. R outgrew it all so quickly. This beautiful new Lidl range starts at just £1.49 making it a budget busting way of updating your little one’s wardrobe.

  • There’s a large variety of sizes available.
    With multiple sizes available, you don’t have to be a new parent for it to be perfect for you. The range starts at newborn and contains sizes up to 24 months. This means is perfect for both new parents, and those whose little ones have just outgrown yet another size.

  • It’s made up of gender neutral colours.
    This range features creams, beiges and brown throughout, making it completely gender neutral. This is fabulous if, like me, you are a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to your children’s clothing. I always knew I wanted to have more children, so I kept the bits we dressed R in. As the Lidl range is neutral, it will work for any other children you have, regardless of whether they are the same gender as your current child or not.

  • It includes so many options, and they are all gorgeous.
    I really love that Lidl have thought about everything, and covered all their bases. From sleepsuits and bodysuits to the most cardigans and little moccasins there is something for every need.

  • The clothes are all machine washable and you can iron them too… if you want to!
    I’m not going to lie, the likelihood of me ever actually ironing these clothes is pretty slim. However it’s always nice to have the option, right? The fact that the range is machine washable at 40 degrees is, in my opinion, a massive selling point. As a mum, I spend half my life washing stains out of my daughter’s clothes, even now she’s weaned and toilet trained. I’ve prewashed the bits I have, and they look just as good now as they did when I first got them. Knowing that I can pop this range in the wash and it will come out the other side in tact is amazing.

  • The range is super soft and snuggly.
    I cannot wait to get my little one into these clothes, or wrap her up in the hooded blanket. Each item is so soft, and perfect for cuddles and snuggles.

  • Easy access for those times you need to strip baby down quickly.
    We’ve all been there. Your baby pukes all over themselves (and often you too!) or you find yourself dealing with a massive poo-splosion. Then comes the struggle of getting the clothes off baby before the mess ends up everywhere. With the amazing design of this range, this is not a problem. The top to bottom placement of poppers means that you will be able to quickly whip the clothes off, clean your little one up and re-dress them with no stress and very little mess involved!

  • Look at it all, it’s all just plain cute!
    How can you not love the sweet characters, bows and hearts that adorn this range? I love the little teddy bears best, I think they are totally adorable!

  • It’s all remarkably well made.
    The one thing I always worry about when it comes to budget ranges is the age old saying, “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to the new Lidl range, however, fear not. In my opinion each item from its stitching to its finishing touches is so well made, it is worth far more than what is written on the price tag.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: The range is all 100% organic cotton, made with all natural fibres and no chemicals or pesticides!
    This is my top reason for loving the new Lidl range. With so many people worrying about where their food, clothes and other essential items come from, it is great to know that there is a budget busting option to natural, kind to skin clothing.


Due to the nature of Lidl events, the range is limited to ‘while stocks last’… so if you love it as much as I do make sure you head down to your local store as soon as you can!

To find your local store click here.

Disclaimer: The lovely team at Lidl sent me a small selection of their new range in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.