Baby on Board | Announcing Our Pregnancy | Me Becoming Mum

When we first found out we were having a baby, we immediately told our parents. After that, we waited until we had been for our 12 week scan to tell the rest of the world. The only exceptions were a few of our colleagues who were bound to notice the fact that I started to show really early - around 9 weeks in fact! With this pregnancy I started showing even earlier, at around 7 weeks. With R, we announced it in the most standard way ever! First and foremost - after the 12 week scan - we made sure that we told our extended families. Whether it was an email, phone call, text or Facebook message we made sure that we told them before we made it public. Next we posted the scan photo we had received at the hospital. Looking back now, I wish we had done something a bit more exciting!

This time around, it was a whole different ball game, as we already have our daughter. We decided that we should involve her in the announcement. As she turned two in February, she has a certain level of understanding about the baby in mummy's tummy.

As is often the way, I searched high and low on Pinterest for ideas pertaining to sibling birth announcements. I found a number of really awesome ideas such as the following: * An upset "only child" * Blackboard "I'm going to be a big sister" compilation * Superhero needs a sidekick * Child holding chalk balloons * Daddy & child + mummy = 4 * Child "To Do List" * "One, Two" chairs * Tea for two * Extra laundry * Family shoes However I didn't find anything that really made me think, "that's the one!"

In the end, we didn't use anything I had found! We decided to do the following... I ordered R a new t-shirt stating, "I'm going to be a big sister!". Somehow I managed to get her into the t-shirt, holding the 12 week scan photo, standing still and facing the camera without any problems!

We made a bit of a game out of the whole thing, taking all different photos of mummy's tummy and her in the t-shirt. She absolutely loved it and the outcome wasn't too shabby either.

However you decide to make the announcement, it is always exciting, and definitely worth making sure you involve any siblings that your new baby has!