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So summer has arrived. Better late than never I guess. It took a long time for us to start a family, and almost as long to increase our number, so I am not ungrateful for being pregnant.

However, the "lovely" British Summer that has just arrived with it's humidity, lack of breeze and 30° heat PLUS being pregnant PLUS being a mum, is exhausting.

Whoever first spoke of the pregnancy, "glow" was either lying, or hadn't seen a pregnant lady in summer. Although if we go by my first point maybe they had and we've misinterpreted the meaning of, "glow"!

Here are 10 things I just love about being a pregnant mother in summer.

  1. You sweat - all over. I didn't even know that you can sweat in some of the places I am doing so. Having a massive baby bump doesn't help.
    Solution: There isn't one... I have a face cloth soaked in cold water and put in the freezer for a brief time plastered to my head, am wearing my gorgeous Asos tankini and am just waiting for it all to be over.

  2. Toddlers become irritable. No matter how much juice, water, or milk I give her, R has turned into a monster. She is whinging, whining and making noises that grate on my nerves.
    Solution: Blow up the paddling pool, smother her in sun cream and let her crack on (supervised of course).

  3. Mummys become irritable. Having an irritable toddler, a summer cold (!), all the usual pregnancy "fun" and the heat means I have officially run out of patience. Everything is driving me crazy.
    Solution: crack out the maternity swim wear, stick my feet in the paddling pool and supervise my toddler.

  4. You've got a mini heater permanently on. When you're pregnant you can't get away from the permanent heat source that is your growing baby.
    Solution: There is no solution for this, like being able to kick off your duvet or sleep away from your partner. This one you just have to deal with.

  5. Your feet and ankles swell. This one is fun... Not! My shoes no longer fit and my ankles look like something out of a horror movie.
    Solution: Go barefoot as much as possible, invest in some flip flops and if you have to wear shoes, pop to your nearest Primark and pick up a pair of wide fit pumps.

  6. You're hungry, but you don't want to eat. Cooking - and eating - are a hot business. No one wants to turn the oven on, or slave over a meal in this heat, then sit down to eat it, especially those who are pregnant.
    Solution: Eat quick, cold, healthy meals. My favourite go-to in this weather is a salad topped with pre-cooked chicken. I love a bit of cucumber and tomato on the side. If I'm lucky, I get a bit of salad dressing too.

  7. You can't drink - unless it's water. I have many fond memories of spending summer days with a cold G&T or cocktail in hand while enjoying the sunshine. Being pregnant means I can't even do that anymore.
    Solution: Make sure your other half only drinks soft drinks too so you don't get jealous!

  8. Walking around naked is frowned upon, unless you're two. If someone popped over unannounced and R is running around in her swimming costume, or even just her underwear, no one would bat an eyelid. They'd probably even mention how cute she looks, or how nice it must be for her. However, if I answered the door in my underwear, I'm pretty sure I'd cause the person outside to pass out from the shock.
    Solution: Do it anyway but keep a light dress somewhere close so you can pull it over your head if someone turns up at your door.

  9. You can't reach - or even see - to keep up your "grooming". A pregnant friend of mine had an unfortunate experience of this, causing a lot of bleeding and stinging due to being unable to see past her baby bump. Having said this, you kind of have to try if you don't want to have to wear trousers whenever you go out. Which I certainly don't in this weather.
    Solution: If you trust them, get your partner to help you out. If you don't there are two options. You can use a mirror and learn some movements similar to contortion or you can take yourself down to a salon and get a professional to help. If you're brave enough.

  10. You're tired, more so than usual. The heat makes me super lathargic. The problem I have with my thyroid makes me tired; being pregnant makes me tired; keeping house and raising a toddler makes me tired; and on top of it all, this heat makes me shattered.
    Solution: I make sure I have a fan close by when I am planning to sleep, to ensure the sleep is as restful as possible. I'm also trying to convince R that we need afternoon naps. So far, my efforts have been unsuccessful. Let me know if you come up with any better ideas.

As mean as it sounds, it actually helps to know I'm not alone. My friend Jemma is a few weeks ahead of me and she is spending most of her time in front of her fan.

Another friend of mine is over due, and I have another couple of friends due in a couple of weeks, so I know that we are all suffering together.

I love the summer, and am glad for the time to get some good old vitamin D, but I can't wait until the leaves start to fall and Autumn starts to kick in. In fact, bring on winter!