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Disclaimer: This post is a pre-written guest post published on behalf of skin repair expert Lorena Öberg. All view and opinions expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent those held by Me Becoming Mum.


Award winning Skin Repair Expert Lorena Öberg (CEO and Founder of Lorena Öberg Skincare) shares her top tips for looking after your skin when pregnant.

It is essential to follow a careful skin care routine during pregnancy as skin and hormone changes are normal; here are my top 5 recommendations.’

1. Avoid toxic ingredients 

There are a number of potentially harmful chemicals that you should steer clear of. Lots of brands are conscious of certain ingredients being harmful and some brands now will not include arabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene and other ingredients, for example.

However ensure you check the ingredients list on the product carefully.

2. Use a natural oil

As your skin stretches it is my advice to treat your stomach, breast and upper legs area with pure natural oils. Do so on a daily basis to nourish your skin. My top tip is to start this in your first trimester to help prepare your skin for the changes to come. The oil will help not only prevent but also help heel faint scars.

You may need a specialist stretch mark treatment post pregnancy if you are conscious of your scarring.

3. Drink water

Not only will you stay hydrated but water will help flush your system, which will give you a beautiful glowing complexion.  Your skin will look clear, plump and blemish free.

You don’t need to guzzle water, just little sips throughout the day will keep your skin and body hydrated.

4. Keep your skin regime simple

Pregnancy means your skin is hyper sensitive, so don't overdo things!

Gently cleanse with warm water and a soft cotton pad and dab dry with a fresh towel. Exfoliate very gently too and don’t experiment with different products that you are not used to.  Try not to pick pimples like you used to pre-pregnancy, your skin is much more delicate and you will likely scar your skin if you do! Be warned.

5. Wear SPF at all times

Whenever you go out it is important you wear at least a factor 30 sunscreen.

Your skin is more sensitive and likely to change colour. The pigmentation of your skin can change and it will become more noticeable. It is important to know why the changes are occurring and be aware that sunbathing can make these stand out.  You are also more prone to burning.  

Plenty of reasons to ensure you keep your skin and body hydrated and protected from the sun.  

If you are after a tan I am sorry ladies but I also recommend avoiding self-tanning durng pregnancy. You can’t risk inhaling harmful chemicals.

More about Lorena:

With clinics in London’s prestigious Harley Street and Surrey, Lorena offers patients specialist treatments for various skin conditions using pioneering techniques, including stretch mark removal, tattoo removal, semi permanent makeup correction and migration.

Lorena’s pioneering scar and stretch mark reduction DermaEraze® treatment has been hailed by international press for its unique technique and high success rates.

Lorena Öberg Skincare was honoured with the ‘Best Permanent Makeup Machine’ at the Micropigmentation Awards 2017, for the recently launched range of exclusive PMU machines and pigments, which has taken the beauty industry by storm.

Lorena runs an international training academy where she uses her skills and knowledge to teach the next generation. She is regularly invited to attend and speak at leading international conferences. Lorena covers a range of topics including, industry trends, regulations, new techniques and motivation, to name a few.

Lorena founded her successful business seven years ago with £100 and having two young children to support. Lorena first discovered her talent after a friend suggested she tried tattoo removal. With a change in career she has never looked back.


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