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Disclaimer: I was sent a number of items from the shopDisney adult wear range to in return for an honest review. The following review and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.

I've always loved Disney, ever since I was a little girl. I love the characters, stories, and best of all the magic of Disney. In this shopDisney clothes blog review, I'll be showing you their Disney clothes women can wear, as well as sharing reasons why I still love feeling a part of the Disney world.

The world of Disney is forever growing

This amazing Captain America “Be a Hero” tee which is available from shopDisney UK stores and online is a testament to the growing Disney family. As an adult I am able to enjoy the Disney world even more from the characters I loved as a child to the Marvel superheroes I have fallen in love with as an adult. The geek in me loves all things Star Wars (although my husband is partly to blame as he introduced me to the franchise!) and of course everyone loves a dose of Pixar in their life too.

I can share the world of Disney with my children

I remember loving Disney as a young girl, and over the years my love for the brand, the stories and the characters has continued to grow. Being able to share that with my two beautiful girls is so special. From sugar fueled movie nights as we watch Tangled (for the bazillionth time!) to having to drop into the Disney store in our local Intu shopping center I can assure you they almost match me in their love for all things Disney. There is something so special about bringing children in to the world and them growing up to love things that you love. At least for now, we have something in common.

You can still enjoy the classics

This skirt from the shopDisney Disneyland Paris range is absolutely gorgeous and of course pays homage to one of Walt Disney’s earliest and most iconic characters, Mickey Mouse (and of course Minnie Mouse too!) I love that the classics are still appearing on Disney clothes for adults and children as well as on the TV with programmes like Minnie’s Bow-tique that my girls adore. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new stuff too. Anna from Frozen is a cartoon Disney princess version of me! However, being able to watch Disney movies with classic princesses and characters and share some of my favourite characters with my girls is amazing.

Disney brings my favourite stories to life

My favourite book as a child was Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. I had a wild imagination, just like Alice, so a world where you could visit the Mad Hatter and have a tea party, or drink potions and eat food that made you big or small was awesome. Even now, I’m a massive Alice in Wonderland fan, and the Alice in Wonderland Disney adaptation is one of my favourite Disney movies. I even have an Alice in Wonderland quote and Disney cheshire cat tattoo on my back! Now I also have shopDisney Alice in Wonderland clothes and the quote couldn’t be more apt. “I just wish something made sense for a change.”

shopDisney gives adults like me the chance to continue loving the Disney brand

There is no way you can't love shopDisney. Popping into the Disney store in town with my children is always a recipe for a whole lot of, "mummy I want that"; but they don't just offer toys, games and Disney clothes for children. The Disney adult clothing, jewellery and accessories (seriously, go and check out their AMAZING handbags) is all beautiful and available in sizes to suit most body types too. Plus they do other products like my awesome Alice in Wonderland stacked mug (there's also a travel mug I have my eye on!) plates, bowls and more!

I have always loved Disney and even now I’m an adult that’s not going to change. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with shopDisney and that I now have a wonderful selection of items from their adult wear range as go-to clothes within my wardrobe.


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