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Disclaimer: I was sent Smelli Gelli Baff and Slime Baff to test out in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.

I'm not going to lie, I'm not a big fan of messy play for toddlers. I prefer to keep everything in order and John tends to be the one who deals with paint and mess. The Zimpli Kids range seemed like something I'd be ok with though, so we tried out a couple of their products and today I'm sharing my thoughts with you.

Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff

All of us loved the Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff. It was one of the weirdest products I have ever touched but it was so much fun to play in, and of course having the purple colour was perfect for Squidgy as it's her favourite colour.

Creating the Gelli Baff slime (or whatever it's meant to be!) was easy with a pack of purple and a pack of white bath salt like materials simply added to the water. We swirled it around and left it for a while to let it do its thing. In the end it turned into a bath full of jelly like balls.

Squidgy absolutely loved it. She played for ages in it, moving the Gelli Baff around through her fingers and toes, pretending to swim in it and giggling all the while. For me, the best part was how easy it was to clean up. It washed out of the bath, off the girls' skin and out of their hair with ease. The Zimpli Kids products are also safe to use with septic tanks so you don't need to worry if that applies to your home. 

Zimpli Kids Slime Baff

Unfortunately none of us were fans of the Zimpli Kids Slime Baff. Slime is a pretty standard addition to most lists of messy play ideas, and the product looked and sounded amazing in principle. Sadly the slime kit didn't work for us, despite following the instructions carefully and using less water than recommended to try and make it more slime-like. 

The texture wasn't great, mostly it just dyed the water red and ended up with lumps that looked similar to blood clots. Pickle refused to touch it at all and Squidgy lasted just a few minutes before wanting to be washed off. After that we discovered another not so great thing about this product... it is one of the hardest materials to wash out. It took three attempts with shampoo, in a clean bubble bath and eventually just under the shower to get the slime out of Squidgy's hair.

I was a bit disappointed with the Zimpli Kids Slime Baff, but both girls loved the Gelli Baff. Ultimately every child is different and you may find you have a better experience than us with the slime. For me, I would stick to the Gelli Baff for messy play fun from tuff trays to diving straight in and enjoying it in the bath tub itself.


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