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Recently we were sent the fabulous Playmobil City Life children's playground set which is exclusive to Smyths Toys Superstores to review and I think it's awesome. My girls both absolutely love Playmobil and have a wonderful, growing collection and this set is the perfect addition. Here are a few of my thoughts on the set and why it makes such a great gift for your children.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that although I have shared photos of Pickle playing with this set, it is not recommended for children under 3 due to small parts. Pickle was fully supervised and I ensured all the small parts were safely put away before allowing her to explore the Playmobil children's playground set.

What we loved

There are lots of items included within the set.

This set has so many different components to it, from the larger parts such as slides, swings, and nine Playmobil figures to the smaller inclusions. If you want to know what's inside the Playmobil children's playground set box, I've listed them below!

  • 9 x Playmobil figures

  • 1 x Sieve

  • 1 x Sandpit area (including buckets, spades and more)

  • 1 x Skate ramp ground with slide

  • 1 x Carousel

  • 1 x Swing set

  • 1 x Bicycle

  • 1 x Scooter

  • 1 x Picnic table (including stool and bench)

  • 1 x Crate (including bottles)

  • 1 x Barbecue (including tongs, sausages, griddle and cover)

  • 1 x Basket with apples

This Playmobil set is fully functional.

My favourite thing about the Playmobil City Life 5024 children's playground set is the fact that each item works both as an entity alone as well as being full functional. This includes the skateboard ramp which the skateboard really rolls down to the carousel which turns and has movable waist bars on the seats. The swings also move backwards and forwards which Pickle spent ages doing, just like in the GIF below!

The set is the perfect addition to any Playmobil collection.

My girls both love Playmobil and have a lovely, growing collection from a Safari truck to Noah’s Ark and princesses to horses. No matter what Playmobil your children have (or even if this would be their first set!) the children’s playground is a fabulous addition to any collection. With so many different parts to play with and characters to create imaginary stories with, there are endless hours of play right here in this set.


There are other sets within the Playmobil City Life range.

When people ask what to buy for your children for their birthday, Christmas and more it's always good to either pick something useful or something you know they'll use and love. The great thing about our Playmobil children's playground set is that it's just one of a number of City Life playsets available. Some of the others you can also pick up at Smyths Toys include the Playmobil 4009 City Life Animal Care Station and Playmobil 6657 City Life Furnished Children's Hospital .

Smyths Toys offer free home delivery or click and collect from your local store. 

As we head towards Christmas and all start counting the pennies, every little bit counts. The fact that Smyths Toys Superstores offer free home delivery on orders over £25 or click and collect depending on what suits you best; means you can save on getting those gifts you’re after.

Final notes

There's a fair bit of non-recyclable waste

As a family we are trying to cut down on single use plastics and replacing disposable products with reusable options, so it was a bit of a disappointment to see how much single use plastic was used to wrap this set. It didn't stop us from enjoying is however and both my girls love Playmobil so fingers crossed in the future Playmobil will find a different way to package their products (after all the box itself is cardboard and recyclable!)


There's a lot of small parts.

This is fine as long as the set is intended for an older child however if you also have a younger family member around there are a lot of small parts you need to be aware of. From the bucket and spade to the little squirrels and birds, there are plenty of parts which could easily become a choking hazard. However, with supervision and the smallest parts hidden, Pickle loved playing with the swings and pushing the skateboard and pushchair around. 

It takes a lot of building

With such a fabulous range of products within the box, it’s inevitable a fair bit of work goes into making it playable. Each larger part requires building from the floor piece up, so if you have children who are slightly impatient (like mine!) it may be worth getting your build on before they open the gift. Despite the time spent making the set, it’s definitely worth it! It looks fabulous and makes such a great gift idea, and is a bargain for what you have included inside.

This lovely Playmobil City Life 5024 Children's Playground set is one of a number of Playmobil play sets which are exclusive to Smyths Toys. This means you won't find it anywhere else, online or on the high street. With so many parts and ways to play; I think that this set is great value for money and I know it would be the perfect gift for your children, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

For more reviews of products and services we use in our lives as parents raising our two girls visit my reviews page. If you have any questions about the Playmobil City Life 5024 Children's Playground set  which I have not covered in this post, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: I was sent the Playmobil City Life 5024 Children's Playground set by Smyths Toys in return for an honest review. The review words and opinions are my own. All photos are copyright property of Me Becoming Mum.